Main server needs a kick again.
Next weeks candidate: "HC1", for all his hard work controlling AI
Groups player of the week: Jeroen Not! did I win something?
Main server needs a restart peeps
Oh yes!•Tweaked: Spanish Welcome Screens now use a more appropriate separator style
I really hope this update is the mother of updates. By the way. Can someone tell me where is the persistent save file?
live map is live(main server)
Sam they have been warning us from Malden update since Jets dlcs came out! haha what they dind't tell is the update size =(
ITS WORTH IT: Added: Variants of the in-game whiteboard, sleeved map and paper map (for Tanoa and Malden)
Why the fuck do they bring out updates without further warning ffs sick of this shit, better be worth it.
Lol my ssd is full cant take the update. And I only have the OS and Arma 3 on the disk. :d
Arma 3 Update! 6,5 gb
It wasn't correctly initialized, now is working fine
WotP server nothing is spawing, only missions spawn AI.

I’m not particularly religious - never have been. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate the smell of incense in an antiquated cathedral surrounding, I just don't believe in the schizophrenic discourse with a higher being part of it all.

That being said, traditionally speaking, easter is a time for rebirth.

Last time it was mentioned that the Reborn series of lateral Antistasi installments were fast becoming more than just an ethereal mirage on the horizon and would be coming soon to a screen near you…  

That time is now. We have recently expanded our downloads page to include many different maps, and for each, a Blufor and Greenfor version to get your teeth stuck into. Many, many hours were put into these projects and it has served as a fantastic medium through which to expand our modding team. Welcome to Toshi and Tuck, who have been utterly monastic in their efforts to bring antistasi to you in all the colours of the rainbow.

If I had prayed for anything over the last year, it would have been one thing - just one thing - to massively raise the gameplay of Antistasi that much closer to Guerrilla authenticity. Enter - Jeroen Not. Jeroen has been with us since the beginning as an official member, always giving his two cents on projects we were working on (which is the privilege of an official member). At christmas we asked him to embark on a lonely pilgrimage through the antistasi arsenal code and create something of our own. A 'limited' arsenal system.

This new system, as opposed to a limited 'inventory' system, uses Bohemia’s default arsenal interface, complete with save and load functions, in order to merge the functions of an inventory and an arsenal. We took much inspiration from the XLA fixed arsenal mod, a mod that most diligent communities run as standard these days, in order to maximise functionality whilst avoiding the usual exploit traps. What we have come up with is brilliant, and you have to see it to believe it.

This brings us that much closer to the features and fixes required for version 2.0 status. Just when you thought we went all lateral on you (to the point of being horizontal), we have been prioritising key milestones in order to pave the way to 2.0. Rather than list them all here, not least because they will overwhelm you as well as ourselves I shall simply name a few key players:

  • New Spawn Caching / Dynamic Simulation System.
  • Enemy Support (CSAT) overhaul.
  • Town Graffiti and Safe-House Mechanic.
  • Dynamic Garrisons Mechanic.
  • Hot-Zones (Regions) Mechanic.
  • Logistics (Resources / Powerplants / Factories) Overhaul.
  • Inclusion of Aircraft Carriers.
  • Intel System Overhaul.
  • Expanded Mod detection (Bundeswehr, Spanish, British etc).

If that hasn’t got you licking your lips, then either your mouth is drier than jesus’ sandals, or you haven’t heard about our plans to include PvP aspects into Antistasi. The plan is to wait until 2.0 is released and then turn our focus on to a Player Enemy Commander system. We are buzzing about all of this, and can’t wait to share it with you as soon as we can. If you are into coding and feel like you can help us in any of the above, then apply as an Official Member and make sure to mention that you have these skills.


[Member] Snubber Exciting road map. Great work!
[Member] Trommelfeuer Excellent stuff, looking forward to Antistasi 2.0!
Deramour The new arsenal system looks really great! Good Job, guys!
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