Me on a good drive down to the local outpost
I keep seeing Old Fast travel enabled and Weapon proficiency disabled on official, whoever do that please don't
We got the none commander bug again so I need a admin to restart
new interior for Mi8 [link] [link] [link]
Here's few tactical screenshots [link]
I enjoyed the Kavala invasion and a bunch of odd missions tonight. hope theres more nights like that :d
No slacking!
Yes, people don't need us to make Antistasi events any more. Our mission here is over (walks into the sunset).
I'm impressed how 19 people joined and started an event on their own. Just Thanks!

Supported Servers
click here for more infos

Referent: Sparker
Mod: Antistasi updated version

Language: Russian

Referent: Hazotho
Mod: Antistasi updated version

Language: Italian - Website link


We're almost there, however, there are many crossroads with choices that might cut the way or make it so longer.

Let's start resuming what we have, later we'll talk about what we could do.

Main improvements from 1.7 and 1.7.5

  • Jeroen Arsenal & Garage System JAGS:
    unique interfaces for storing/retriving gears and vehicles

  • Persistent save backups by integrating iniDBI2 serverside mod by code34

  • Automatic personal save in multiplayer: keep your gears if disconnect within 100m, keep your stats for multiple campaigns.

  • Dynamic Roadblocks and no longer loose Undercover: enemy will build them accordingly with a "frontline" system and road type.

  • Adapting zone markers to reduce density: play freely in Kavala and Gravia without loosing performances.

  • CSAT rework and fix: don't make them angry, or they'll really destroy towns, if you dare beeing aggressive, be ready for punishment.

  • AAF Attack and Counterattacks fixes: minimized the chance of endless fight.

  • Change class in singleplayer: just interact with the Ammobox.

  • In-game detailed guide on the top left corner of the Map: check it online and comment it freely.

  • New campaign in multiplayer restricted behind Parameters: trigger it at mission selection screen to prevent bugs about autorestart.

Current Goal
Mission stable and playable under the most of circumstances.

So? Antistasi was great so far, why you say that?
Yes, Antistasi is an unique mission and we all thanks Barbolani making this possible.

However there is a foundamental problem: Number of AI.
by experience we stated that a client can handle properly 100 AI, and an Headlessclient up to 150, after 200 everything is bad
There are many ways to overcome this issue, hard to tell which is the best and possible one. So, we're back to the crossroads mentioned above.

1) Adapting the current by compromises, that's what I'm (Stef) caring about
2) Writing a brand new code (remote future?)
3) LordGolias project: enhance the multiplayer assigning to player machines the load of certain AI
4) WotP dynamics might resume all the points above.

Future Goal
Smarter AI acting like a real army.

Who didn't had a sadface when sniping or using a tank from afar and seeing enemies confused and unable to properly react?
Probably not everyone, however that's poor quality in our point of view.

WotP isthe best candidates that, when be completed, will guarantee dynamics that make sniping or tank usage a complex and rewarding choice. 

[Member] DukeVenator o Sadface? I was giggling like a madman with a cannon oh wait does the m107 count as one? anyho shooting them at 2.4km wit...
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